Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dave Nice's Bike Got Ripped Off!!!

See how happy Dave looks in the picture above? Well Dave is not nearly as happy right now. Dave was racing the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race when he pulled over to nap. He must've napped a bit too deeply. When he woke up his bike was gone.

This info is hot from the trail. Details should be hitting the Great Divide pages here:

If you are in western Montana and have any lead on the bike, I know Dave would love to have it back. And if there is anything anybody reading this can do to help Dave out, I'll be posting contact info as soon as I get it. I'd give him my bike so he could keep racing, but the Monocog is too small for him and it's a couple of states too far away.


Anonymous said...

Kent thanks for the offer. Just a quick post from the libiary at polson mt....

Gonna have to give it a go next year. I walked about 35 miles yesterday and before I took my nap rode about 30 miles. I got a bit of heat stroke on the walk. I ownly had a powerade in my little bag. I post more when I get into denver. I think my cell works in massuola so i'll give you a call then. Thanks, Dave Nice

Keasty said...

Bummer! Bummer! We're travelling by pickup with a Bike Friday tandem in the back and I just can't imagine having some scumbag steal it. Hope the story gets a happy ending.
Currently in Washington and heading to Eugene and Corvallis OR.