Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wander Around Oregon

Over Memorial Day Weekend my pal Fred Mulder and I rode around some very pretty parts of Oregon. The story and pictures are at:


Anonymous said...

As is often the case, your description reminded me of many of the things I like about such bike rides. It got me juiced for a bike-camping adventure, Kent. Thanks!

David Rowe said...

Off-course, but not that far off-course... sandbagger!

Great story. That lead photo really captured that weekend... so rainy and foggy that you wondered up to Crown Point without knowing it? Welcome to Lewis & Clark country. No get back on the bike and ride, eh?

Sorry that I missed you when you were boots on the ground in God's country. Sounds like you captured a little bit of heaven at Michael's.


Ainsley Wiles said...

Great story! I agree completly with what you said about adventures, only mine have been one day trips fo 60 miles or less, but add fixed gears, dirt roads, a possible panther sighting, and a 1760 Indian massacre, you get an interesting day.