Sunday, May 07, 2006

Safety First

Last Thursday I gave another seminar at the Seattle Bikestation. The topic this time was "Safety First" and the text of the seminar can be read here:

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Steve said...

Here in England I believe motorists extreme intolerance towards cyclists, probably a left over from our class system, is a safety issue when commuting by bicycle. Even my well-mannered and intelligent accountant had to have a moan when he found out I was a cyclist. Apparently we all hold him up in the morning traffic. So I tried a bit of logic on him. I said, if there are 0.5 to 1% of the total number of commuters on bicycles we hold you motorists up? He’s already floundering now, because deep down he knows he’s talking nonsense. Next I say, imagine now our local town suddenly turns into a bike friendly Northern European town and 50% of commuters use bicycles. Incidentally I say, this means roughly 50% fewer cars. Now do we hold you up? Well I suppose the traffic would move faster, was his reply. It hardly ever dawns on a motorist that if we weren’t on our bike, we might just be in a car stuck in the queue in front of them.