Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kogswell Model G

I finally borrowed Mark Vande Kamp's camera and took a not very good picture of my Kogswell Model G.

Noteable features:

Clipped & flipped bars.

The brake levers are Shimano 105.

Coroplast fenders.

Note how nicely the duct tape top tube protector blends with the bike.

The trunk is a Rubbermaid tote.

The headlight is a cheapo Bell with a really nice pricey EverLED and an external NiMH battery pack that sits in the Rubbermaid trunk. The speaker wire connecting the battery pack to the light runs under the duct tape top tube protector.

That's a silver bell on the top of the stem.

Those are Power Grips on the MKS touring pedals.

The crank is an old 170 mm DuraAce.

The gearing is 42/16.

Those are Phil Wood hubs laced to Campy rims.

The tires are 700*28 Specialized Nimbus. The front is a plain Nimbus, the rear is a Nimbus Armadillo.

The saddle is a WTB Rocket V, the cheap CroMo railed one. It looks reddish in this shot but that's just a reflection from the OPEN sign. It's really black and grey and silver.

I scavenged the ugly bar tape from the garbage at Sammamish Valley Cycle.

I've got the bike dialed in now and it's quick and comfy, even with the garden-hoseish tires. Mark expressed amazement that I can ride Armadillos and I told him that I do it just to show how tough I am!

Kent Peterson
Issaquah WA USA
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