Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuvizio Reflective Vest

With the exception of a few tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirts, most of my wardrobe is in shades of black or grey. While the darker colors do a fine job concealing bike grease stains (a primary consideration when I select an item of clothing), my Neo-in-the-Matrix wardrobe also tends to make me nearly invisible at night. While this might be a favorable outcome if I was a trained assassin intent on avoiding detection, my goals usually tend towards the preservation rather than the termination of life. And since one of the lives I'm rather intent on preserving is the one I'm currently living, I find it wise and prudent to add a bit of reflective gear to my wardrobe when I'm out afoot or awheel in the hours of darkness.

The Tuvizio Reflective Vest is a light, simple, highly reflective vest. It's made from a stretchy material arranged in basically a belt plus suspenders configuration. Nylon sliders let you adjust the length of both the belt and suspenders and a single belly buckle make it easy to take the vest on and off.

In daylight the vest is a bright yellow (it's also available in pink if that's more your style) with silver stripes.

The silver stripes are highly reflective and do a fine job of reflecting back car headlights, streetlights and camera flashes.

The Tuvizio Reflective Vest layers over whatever you happen to be wearing. I have the standard sized one which has a label reading S/M/L. If you are very tall or round or plan on wearing the vest over a bulky jacket, you may wish to get the L/XL version.

If you're out at night the Tuvizio Reflective Vest is a simple way to increase your visibility. It's well-made, comfortable, and effective.

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