Sunday, December 14, 2014

Soggy Swifty Scootering in Seattle

I've got a new vehicle! It's a SwiftyOne and it came all the way from the United Kingdom. I picked it up in Seattle last Thursday. It was a damp day and Swifty doesn't have fenders (yet) but I still had a blast riding this machine. I'll be posting a lot more about Swifty in the coming weeks, but for now here are a few photos from Swifty's first day in Seattle.

Me and Swifty in front of G and O Family Cyclery in Greenwood. Photo by Madi Carlson.

Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood abounds in transportation options: Cargo Bikes, Kick Scooters, Spacecraft...

One of my favorite bits of commercial street art

The Norwegian Bus Stop.

More lovely street art on Fremont Avenue.

Swifty's 16 inch wheels do fine on rough, uneven sidewalks.

It's a damp day in Seattle. We get a lot of damp days, hence the moss.

Swifty survived his encounter with the Fremont Troll.

Swifty along the shores of Lake Union.

Mercer Street Books is one of the finest little bookshops in Seattle.

Swifty checks out the tourist sights in Seattle.

There's a whole lot of art in Seattle.

The Space Needle and rain welcome Swifty to Seattle.

After 8 miles of soggy scootering, I fold up Swifty for the bus ride to Issaquah.

Swifty tucked behind one of the seats on the Sound Transit 554 bus to Issaquah.

Swifty's home in Issaquah.

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