Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: The End Is Not The End

Today is the last day of April, the last day I've committed to this odd promise of scootering and blogging every day. I leave far too early for a meeting with a friend where we'll solve the problems of the world. I allow extra time to wander, to stop, to take a picture or a note. These are my habits now.

I doubt I'll keep to the daily blogging discipline, that still feels like a chore, but the camera falls easily to hand and my feet tread scooter deck or street with equal ease. Scootering has become as habitual as a heartbeat.

Thoreau had his walks around Concord, I have my scooter trips around Issaquah. There are animals I've come to know, birds, trees, flowers, ponds. It would seem unnatural not to visit, or at least non-neighborly. My neighborhood has made me neighborly.

The birds are mostly used to my not talking, so I'm not here to say goodbye or to promise I'll be back tomorrow.

But every day of these past thirty has shown me something and the things I've seen bring me back, later, to see more.

I'm no longer promising a report every day, but every day delivers something promising and these past thirty have helped me learn to look. I wont stop looking.

And so I'll keep rolling, wandering. And maybe blogging now and then. About what I've found while out and about on my feet or my bike or my scooter.

8.44 miles of scootering today, bringing my April total to 242.23 miles.

Thanks for putting up with the #30DaysofScootering.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    You have definitely inspired me to get out and ride a scooter! I have one on order…the Know Ped. Can't wait to try it. I will miss your daily blogs. I looked forward to reading them so much I went and read last year's entries. I am up here in Ontario, near the south end of Georgian Bay. Not the same weather, but for a few months I can ride. Hopefully I will love it as much as you do. Thank-you for the journey!

  2. Thank you, Kent. I'm not going to get a scooter but appreciate your daily musings and photos.


  3. Thanks so much for the posts, Kent. Please know that you have inspired one reader to try scootering and to carry on with my life long love of bicycling. Peace to you and Christine...

  4. Thanks for the month of scootering, Kent. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading of your adventures every day. I live in southwest Missouri and do a fair amount of bicycling but have never given scootering a try. Well, that's about to change! I'll keep checking in to see what you're up to next.

  5. It's been interesting to read this experement. I'd never really thought of a scooter as transport before. Thanks for opening up a new possibility for me.

  6. thanks for the inspiration to get outside and enjoy nature.

  7. It was a joy reading about your daily experiences and seeing where you went on your scooter. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  8. Hi Kent, thanks for the posts on scootering. It is interesting how you note how much you see around you when you slow down for the world of scootering (presumably versus biking in your case). Over the past couple years I have taken to cycling as you know, and I am amazed how much more I know about my community and neighborhood by riding around versus being in my car. For example, I never knew there was a llama farm a mile or so from my house! Sometimes in this world encouraging speed, connectivity and worldly travel, we need to slow down and take in what is happening in our local community once in a while. Kudos to your scootering.

  9. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Thank you for all your posts this last thirty days of April. It has been a treat following along each day and seeing the wonderful place you get too live and scooter in.