Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Still Scootering

I continue to lead a fun, comfortable, but not especially blog-worthy life here in Issaquah, but I figure there are still a few more bike adventures in my future. For now, though, here are a few pictures from yesterday's scooter trip.

I could've easily biked up to the used bookstore in Redmond but I have so much fun on the scooter and I had no need to rush, so that's the machine I chose for this journey. There is a decently wide shoulder along the East Lake Sammamish Parkway. My pals in the Seattle International Randonneurs work to keep the shoulder clean.

At the bookstore, I scored two good books and got change back from ten bucks.

I scootered south on the west side of Lake Sammamish. This sign didn't offer any options for a scooterist. I rode in whichever lane had the least debris.

I stopped for a snack and hung out with some ducks. When I got home my phone, which tracks such things via an app called RunKeeper, tells me that I scootered for 27.75 miles and that my average speed is about twice my normal walking speed and half my normal biking speed. It also tells me that coming down the biggest hill I got up to 18.5 mph. I can tell you that feels pretty zippy on a scooter and that's where I started feathering the fender brake. Someday when I'm feeling braver, I'll break 20 mph.

Keep 'em rolling,



dcee604 said...

Happy New Year Kent! Was wondering if you were still scootering...and today, I have my answer!
Keep 'em rolling!

E'lution Scooters said...

Great work Kent. Glad to hear you are still scootering. We will be launching our new EVO commuter scooter on Kickstarter in a couple of weeks and would love to get your feedback.

Keep on having fun.

Anonymous said...

I generally lurk around here. It is nice to see a new post, I was getting worried that you had decided to stop blogging.

Hope to read many many new posts from you.

Peter Taylor said...

Very nice!
I used to own a scooter, but it broke thanks to the mean streets of Budapest.
I don't think there I have ever done 27 miles on my scooter in a day, it must have been very tiring.