Friday, August 16, 2013

Riding the Octobike

A week ago my pal Mark sent me this email:


We're going to ride the Octobike next week!

I have you down to ride this is an amazingly fun Haulin' Colin vehicle Thursday evening August 15th for the move downhill, 

THANK YOU!!!   This is going to be lots of fun.   Important  instructions below.

Please respond to this email so I know you are on board.
Let me know if you have any questions.

I still need more people for all three runs, but especially for Saturday morning and afternoon.   
Tell your friends!  They won't want to miss out on this.

Thursday August 15th 

We'll meet at 6:15 pm at Bike Works Yellow House in Columbia City
where we can lock up our bikes, then we will depart at 6:30, on foot, 2 blocks
to the light rail station (Bike Works will buy your ticket).  
We will take light light rail to Beacon Hill 
and then a short walk to Plum Street Farm where the Octobike lives. 

Then we will pedal slowly along the Beacon Hill Greenway (slightly uphill), 
through Jefferson Park and then fast DOWN Columbian Way to Bike Works.   
We should be finished by 8pm. 

Saturday morning August 17th

We will meet at Bike Works Yellow House at 9:30 am to decorate and position
the Octobike.  We will ride it in the parade down Rainier Ave starting at 11am.
Plan to be festive, dress up if you feel like it.  Bring musical instruments!
The parade should be over by 12:30.   It is followed by Rainier Ave Summer Streets,
which is a big party.

Thank you for volunteering!                                                           

Saturday evening August 17th

Around 4pm we will gather and by 4:30 we will start to pedal down hill to Frainkln High
and then slowly pedal up beautiful Cheasty Blvd!  This is a really fun ride and FOOD WILL 
BE PROVIDED!  We should be done by 7pm.   We will take light rail back to Bike Works
(Bike Works will buy your ticket.)


I work weekends, so Thursday was the only day I could help out with this and last night we rode. I took some pictures which are embedded below. It was a blast. Virtually every interaction we had with car drivers en-route involved smiles, waves, laughter and the phrase "that's awesome!"

I began the ride on one of the three upright pedal stations at the rear of the Octobike, but switched to the center of the three forward recumbent spots for the last half of the ride. On the Octobike seven people pedal while one person steers, shifts and works the brakes. It's pretty easy pedaling, slow going up hill but you can build up some serious speed going downhill. I was in the forward spot for the descent so I couldn't see the speedometer but I know we were going at least 30 mph down Columbian Way.

If you are in Seattle and ever get the chance to ride the Octobike, do it. Your next chance is this Saturday (tomorrow). If you can help out, email my pal Mark Caniaro ( ).

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA

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Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun and I think you'd enjoy a peek at Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum's Fifi. She's part of the kinetic, sculpture races.

Enjoy a marvelous day -Kelly