Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA and PIPA

I'll get back to posting bike stuff tomorrow but I'm offline today to protest SOPA and PIPA. Better folks than me can explain it better and for the moment you can find that information on the internet. If you'd like to keep things that way (or even if you think SOPA and PIPA are a good idea), please consider contacting your congresscritter and expressing yourself. Democracy works when we do.


Anonymous said...

I'll do some research on this too,my friend. Thanks for the heads up,and I will be (contacting my reps) once I know enough to not sound like I don't ;)

The Disabled Cyclist

Anand said...

Technology should be the master of situation under legislation any thing on the web should pass through filters of piracy & content should be blocked before it is allowed to be clicked. Let us not defame foreign clients when those elements are with in the grips of promoters. There is likely hood of local sites spring out to serve the piracy.

Andres said...

Here's a good explanation by someone who works in the film industry:

Ryan said...

I have pestered McDermott over SOPA for months now and he was keeping a wait and see approach. I think he may get $ from someone who benefits from SOPA because I can't imagine such a people-first rep like him would support this bill.

I called Cantwell's office and she's been against this from the start. She co-sponsored the alternative legislation. I'm going to miss her!

SOPA/PIPA is on the shelf but worse legislation is coming. People in power want to squash the freedom the Internet has provided and aren't going to back down easily.