Thursday, June 09, 2011

Follow the 2011 Tour Divide Online

The 2011 Tour Divide starts on June 10th from Banff, Alberta. Good luck to all the racers. As always, it's going to be one heck of a race.

Follow the riders via Spot by clicking [HERE].

Hear the racer call-ins at [HERE].

Online race discussion [HERE].


roadtoacenturyandbeyond said...

This is awesome. What an amazing ride.

Roger@Bike Racks said...

Great ride dude.

Anonymous said...

When one gets fed up with all the doping stories and other associated theatrics of denial within pro-cycling, Tour Divide comes along to remind us that bike racing takes many forms.

What a refreshing and exciting event, sweeping us away into a fantastic world of adventure driven by the shear will and endurance of all who decide to challenge themselves and push their limits. The simplicity of the event really puts the focus on the two main actors within the race: nature and the riders.

Thanks Tour Divide for making us dream.