Saturday, April 16, 2011

#30DaysofBiking: Some Steam Doesn't Blow Off

My late friend Bob used to lead a lovely little bike ride highlighting the bridges of Issaquah, some of the small shortcuts and less traveled routes inaccessible by car. I realize today that Bob and I and other riders are technically wrong in going over these bridges, as the sign clearly stating "Pedestrians Only" points out. But the rule articulated by my friend Tarik, "Try Not To Be An Ass," is one that Bob lived by and I try to follow and I yield to pedestrians on their turf and we all get along in the spirit of getting along.

I'm thinking about this on this morning's ride as I'm trying to blow off steam and the steam is not blowing off. What has got me worked up is the story forwarded out by @BikeSnobNYC titled "NYC Cyclist Ticketed For Riding on Sidewalk; Passerby Arrested For Cracking Joke." Follow the link. Watch the video.

I don't want the steam I'm feeling to blow off. This is not OK. Right now in this country pointing out ridiculous security theater procedures at airports gets you added to terrorist watch lists. Whistle-blower videos of inhumane conditions in factory farms are leading not to reform of those farms, but legislation out-lawing the creation of such videos. Photography in many forms is being criminalized in the name of making us "safe". This is wrong.

Enough. I've had enough. I can't do everything and tomorrow I'll probably be calmer and go back to what I mostly do, write about bikes and things that are mostly right with the world. But I'm still pissed off now and I cut my ride short this morning because it seemed more important to spread the word of something very wrong. This is a little blog with little reach, but it's something.

Sometimes I turn the pedals, sometimes I tap on the keyboard. This morning, I had to tap on the keyboard.

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