Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tour Divide Photos - Day 2 - June 12, 2010

Photos from day two of the 2010 Tour Divide. June 12, 2010. Elkford, BC to the ridge above the Wigwam River.


SomeGuy said...

Hi Kent!
Looking at your ride, I noticed you took a rigid fork.
Did you ever regret it during the race?
I'm asking because i'm very interested in the race and currently own a Salsa Fargo, wondering if that'll do..


Kent Peterson said...


A Fargo is probably about the perfect bike for the Divide Route. I'm pretty sure it was designed with this route in mind. Last year, the Fargo's designer was one of the Tour Divide riders.

For myself, I never regretted my rigid Monocog. OK, I did regret the freehub when it blew out in the Basin but aside from that the bike was great. In fact there was one bumpy section where one fellow (I don't recall who) commented to me about how rough things were and I noticed his front suspension bouncing a lot. I think at that point his suspension was just amplifying the washboard of the trail!

SomeGuy said...

Just what I hoped to hear.