Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coco Love Alcorn likes bikes and intellectual boys

Coco Love Alcorn is a witty singer-songwriter who managed to insert two songs into my mental bike-commute soundtrack. Her album, Joyful, has been out since last April but I'm slow on the uptake and only discovered her this morning. Coco's song I Got A Bicycle is a quiet anthem of two-wheeled liberation, a reminder that you don't have to sit in a box to get where you're going. I'll give darn near any song about bikes one listen through but Coco's got that way with words and a tune that keeps me hitting replay. If you go to her Myspace page you can check out her songs and see what I mean.

While I Got A Bicycle is basically a love song to a wonderful mode of transportation, Intellectual Boys is obviously calculated to appeal to anybody who has ever thought of themselves as a nerd or a geek. And it totally works. The lyrics are clever enough to convince you that not only does Coco like geeks, she is a geek herself. I'm the kind of geek who likes to support the geek singer-songwriters our there, so I'm plugging her work on my blog. The only thing I can't figure out is why Boing Boing or XKCD haven't discovered her yet.

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