Saturday, September 19, 2009

You Don't See One of These Every Day

(OK this post is pretty dang commercial, but you have to admit this is a cool bike. And the shop proceeds go to the children. For gosh sakes, someone has to think of the children!)

One of the many great things about working at Bike Works is that you never know what will roll in the door. Today, my friend Dave's daughter Wendy and son-in-law Matt donated this. At first, I thought it was a Counterpoint Opus Tandem, but Matt tells me he built it and later found out about the Counterpoint.

Whatever the case, it's a cool machine. We (Bike Works) are selling it for $500 and the proceeds will go to our youth programs. Christine and I have figured out that we aren't tandem people, so I think I'm immune to the lure of this beast, but a a couple of random thoughts did pop into my head besides using this as a tandem.

It would make an awesome cargo bike. Remove the timing chain, seat and front cranks and replace it with a platform. The bike is already set up to handle the weight of a person up front, that's a heck of a lot of groceries.

It would also make a really cool art bike. Keep it as is, but strap a full size skeleton to the seat and strap the skeleton's feet to the pedals, The front crank spins with the the rear crank, so you'd have a perfect ghost stoker. Just the thing for Burning Man or the Death Ride.

Anyhow, like I said, we're selling it for $500. If you've priced tandems or cargo bikes lately, I think you'll see that's a pretty sweet deal. I'm betting it's not going to stick around the shop too long.

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11 comments: said...

Oooh! I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

bikejuju said...

I think it needs about a 12 foot jousting proboscis affixed to the front.

m e l i g r o s a said...

that takes 'take me for a spin' to a whole different level...

velohobo said...

Bilenky sells something similar. I saw one on the Cycle North Carolina a couple of years ago. Cool ride. Good price too, considering a new Bilenky is about 5,000 bucks.

Wish'n I was on that side of the country, Jack

Bilenky's Bike

Johann Rissik said...

If i was on your side of the planet, I'd be in there first thing Monday morning! May I be so presumptious as to ask you for a few more detailed pictures (or maybe you could put the new owner in touch with me, as I might just have to make one myself! www(dot)fiforiders(dot)blogspot(dot)com
Thank you!

Kent Peterson said...

OK, it lasted half an hour at the shop. My pal Eric from JRA called up with the words "Dammit, I think I have to buy it" and paid for it with a credit card over the phone! said...

Shoot, I knew I should have headed in at 11 to try it out. Oh well.

version control geek said...

This bike looks soooooo cute XDDD

Pat Matson said...

And of course when I talked to you last week about a wheel, it was on my mind to ask again about a recumbent tandem frame, but you were busy & I'm forgetful!
If Eric decides his stable is getting too full, please let me know.
On 'standard' mixed tandems the stoker seat is in a fixed (rotational) position, this one appears to be unique cause it appears to have adjusment we are looking for.
Geat Score!

Matt said...

Thanks all for the comments. It was a fun bike to build, and my good friend Jon and I had a great time designing and putting it together. It's a bit rough around the edges - as a homebuilt should be, but I do hope that Eric has fun with it. I'm glad to know that the funds will go to support a great cause. Keep up the great work, Kent, and hooray for Bike Works!

Anonymous said...

A couple years back on BTW Day this dude and his wife rode up to a BTW station in Renton on one of those type rides. I think they said they daily rode together from Tacoma to UW on it. She was the one in front.

I think theirs was a Bilenky, or some other high end maker, as the guy said it ran them close to $6,000 for theirs.

~ Nate in Renton