Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Ride of Your Life

My pal David Rowe just released his latest ebook, The Ride of Your Life. I can't even pretend give anything like an objective review of this book since David's a buddy, some of my friends are profiled in the book and I'm in there as well. I can tell you that the book is focused on the mental side of riding distance. David presents a lot of practical advice and includes some great interviews with riders. Lon Haldeman sums it up this way:

"The Ride of Your Life is an inspiring book that will get you up off the couch and want to ride your bike. So much of the difference between exceptional riders and wannabes is the mental attitude and enthusiasm to go out and set new goals. This book is filled with practical advice from real people who share their passion for long distance cycling. During the final miles of a long ride don’t wish for fitness; wish for motivation. The Ride of Your Life is the kick in the pants you need to raise your cycling results to a new level."

One of the things David managed to do in this book is get me to recount one of the tales I've never gotten around to writing up, the story of my Raid Californie-Oregon ride. As part of the marketing blitz for this book (David is way more entrepreneurial than I am!) David created a freebie, preview edition of the book that includes the introduction, chapter one, and the interview with me.

You can read the preview edition here:

The full book has a bunch more stuff including interviews with Greg Paley, Jill Homer, Del Sharffenberg, Kitty Goursolle, and John Spurgeon. You can order the full book here:

As I often say "keep 'em rolling." David has created a great blueprint to get you out the door and keep you rolling.

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