Thursday, June 28, 2007

MTBCast and More GDR Coverage

I have been totally hooked on the online coverage of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race this year. Tom Purvis has been doing an amazing job of transcribing the racer's call-in's at:

and thanks to Joe Polk at MTBCast, you can also hear the voices of the racers. Joe also adds some comentary. For yesterday's episode, Joe and I had a pretty extensive conversation about the race and what the riders are going through. You can hear that podcast here:

If, like me, you just can't get enough GDR coverage, here are a few more handy links:

MTBR's GDR Update thread at:

Scott's handy GDR time table:

Aaron's 2007 GDR picture gallery:


JoeDell said...

I can't pull my self away from the daily coverage of the race. It was totally cool to hear your interview and put a voice to the face. Thanks for your input. Keep em rolling. Too bad Dave is struggling so hard, bummer he had to drop out.

Great great great coverage. Very exciting. maybe in a few years this will get blown out of the water with national coverage.

Dr. Logan said...

Thanks for the links; the chart is awesome. I was thinking about putting one together just for myself but here it is. Saved me some work.

Jill said...

Great interview with Joe yesterday. I especially enjoyed your insight into what you ate, and how you trained for the race by riding your bike with all of your gear on it. I hadn't thought much about it before, but on a race this long, confidence in your gear has to be at least as important as your confidence in your physical abilities ... if not more.

Exciting stuff, for sure.

Jim G said...

After following your iBOB posts and blog entries for many years now, it's totally strange to year your voice...

alberto said...

Great interview. You are one enthusiastic guy! Very good and informative information. Hope you will follow up with a future post on some of the bikes, gear, etc., to see what has worked and not and why. Do you think that some of the traditional thinking may be questioned as some of the lighter bikes appear to be holding up quite well? Thanks for the links and all the inforamtion.