Thursday, May 17, 2007

SeaTac Airport access may be eliminated

Bicycle Alliance member Alden "Buff" Chace alerted me to this situation. Here's his note:


SeaTac bicycle and pedestrian access to be eliminated: The Port of Seattle plans to eliminate the pedestrian & bicycle path at South 182nd St and International Boulevard. "Port staffers noted that replacing it would be cost prohibitive", in a report to the SeaTac City Council. SeaTac's Deputy Mayor Ralph Shape obtained an extension of the comment period on this until May 25th. Comments should be sent to:

or mailed to:

David McCraney
Environmental Services
Port of Seattle
P.O. Box 1209
Seattle, WA 98111-1209

You could arrive by air and then ride out the access road on a bike but riding into the airport without this path is a considerably tougher proposition on the road which winds around through heavy merging traffic. This path is also heavily used by both customers and flight crews who stay at the nearby hotels and walk to the airport.

Alden "Buff" Chace


Here's an example of where some letter writing and emails can maybe do some good. According to the Mayor, he'd like to see Seattle be "the best city for bicycling in the United States." Well, one good step would be to maintain bike friendly access to the city's airport. Traffic congestion is a major problem down by the airport and bicycles can be part of the solution to the problem. Many bike tourists fly in and out of SeaTac and the ability to ride into and out of the airport is an important bit of the transportation matrix.

I often get asked "what do you guys do at the Bike Alliance?" Well, often what we do is get the word out to a lot of bikey folks. We're an alliance of a few thousand cyclists in Washington state. We often do dull stuff like write letters and go to meetings. And sometimes we get things done.

I don't know if we'll succeed on this one, but I do know that we have to try. If you can help out by sending an email or writing a letter, please do so.


Kent Peterson
Bicycle Alliance of Washington
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