Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Arrowhead 135 in 2008

Hey Folks,

This is about as long range as I get when it comes to planning. I'll be riding the 2008 Arrowhead 135. It's a good chance to get back to my old stomping grounds for a visit. I'm just starting to cast around for sponsorship now but the wheels are in motion, so to speak. The 2007 race just wrapped up and you can read about it here:

In terms of a bike, I'm thinking about a fixed gear Surly Pugsley. I've got emails into the folks at Surly and Dirt Rag and I've got a few other things in the works. And yeah, I'll be doing various other things between now and next February. Stay tuned to my blog for more details.

Kent Peterson
Issaquah WA USA
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