Saturday, January 14, 2006

And now a word from our sponsor...

A week or so ago I wrote a blog entry about the Princeton Tec EOS light. In that entry I included a link to via their Associates program. It looks like a few people bought themselves an EOS by following that link. I don't want to clutter this blog with a lot of commercial stuff but I'm not adverse to making a little money either. My solution to this can be seen in a couple of links on the right panel of this blog:

Mountain Turtle Market will take you to a page I made of books and other mostly bike-related items. OK, there is a bit of general adventure and philosophy stuff there as well, but the underlying theme is stuff that I use and like. My Cafe Press store still sells T-shirts and other items with the "Any Distance Is Biking Distance", "Not A nutritional Role Model", "Shiftless Bum" and "Hasten Slowly" designs. Proceeds from both of these stores go to financing my various adventures.

My intent is to keep giving away the bulk of what I write. Stories and articles like "The Way of the Mountain Turtle" can reach much farther via the web than they can as books or magazine articles and on the web I can shape them exactly the way I like.

On this blog I'll continue to talk about things I use and like but I don't want the blog to become overwhelmed with product reviews and commercial stuff. This blog is about biking, having adventures and rolling through the world on two wheels

Keep 'em rolling folks



luis said...

I, for one, like the idea. At times, I find myself thinking, "I need a new pump. I know that Kent mentioned a pump in one of his messages. If he didn't bust it, no one can...Where is the message? Was it I-BoB? How long ago was it? Darn...did I jot the info down somewheres? I can't find it...

And I also like the idea of giving Kent some money. The entertainment value alone is enormous.


Yuri said...

i agree. I needed a new headlamp for this last weekend and I bought the one you mentioned at rei while i was there. for obvious reasons you don't want to be in sales but i like getting ideas from other people.