Thursday, December 08, 2005

Commuting Stats

My new commute from Issaquah to Seattle is a bit under 18 miles each way. I leave home around 6:00 AM and get to work a bit before 7:30 AM. It's a very nice ride. This time of year it's dark when I start outbut by the time I roll through the I-90 bike tunnel sunlight is starting to touch the Olympic mountains in the west. On the ride home the sun is also at my back and I get a view of the snow-capped Cascades as I roll over Mercer Island.

On the rides in this week I've been keeping count of the number of other cyclists I see. At this hour of the morning, I'm guessing that most of them are bicycle commuters. Here are numbers for the first four days of this week:

Monday 12/5/05 -- 40 degrees (F) and overcast -- 18 cyclists
Tuesday 12/6/05 -- 40 degrees (F) with light rain in Issaquah -- 11 cyclists
Wednesday 12/7/05 -- 33 degrees (F) overcast -- 13 cyclists
Thursday 12/8/05 -- 26 degrees (F) clear skies -- 20 cyclists

Of course this is too small a sample to draw any big conclusions. But I do know this: I'm not alone out on the roads and trails. There are other folks out there with their bright yellow jackets and flashing LED lights.
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